Special Hero

Silver Specter


Appears in

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Silver Specter Sothis

The enigmatic Sothis, sometimes called “the Beginning,” has made a dramatic appearance at the winter festival in Askr! What could have brought her here?
For this visit, Sothis is wearing a cute outfit that’s just perfect for the festivities! (I wonder where she got it?) Those sparkling accessories really bring her outfit to life, don’t they?
The design on the back of her skirt even resembles one of the festival’s trees. Come to think of it, she does have kind of a tree-like silhouette in general…
Sothis already made a big impression when she was sitting on her throne, but this new outfit really works for her too. Here’s hoping that she enjoys her visit to Askr!

Closely Associated Characters


Child of Jeralt, the former captain of the Knights of Seiros. Reticent and reserved, but a good teacher to the students of the Officers Academy. Some strange bond connects this young mercenary to Sothis.