Duo Hero

Bound-Spirit Duo


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Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Bound-Spirit Duo Sothis

“Trick or treat” is the name of the game at the harvest festival, and here come two impish pranksters on the hunt for treats! Sothis has arrived at the festival with Byleth in tow!
Sothis has come dressed as a little witch, and she can’t wait to get in on the trick-or-treating fun, especially the tricks! Isn’t her pumpkin-orange skirt adorable?
Meanwhile, Byleth has come as a mischievous familiar to match Sothis’s whimsical witch. Though he does look a little more put-upon than mischievous right now… I guess he’s been enlisted to help her with her big candy haul!
Sothis and Byleth are diving right into the harvest festival, and they’re practically the life of the party. There’s no stopping this devilish duo until Sothis gets all the candy she can eat!

Closely Associated Characters


Archbishop who guides the Church of Seiros. Donning a witch costume, she has come to enjoy all Askr’s harvest festival has to offer. One of the few people who knows Sothis’s true identity.