Mythic Hero

Saint of Legend


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Fire Emblem: Three Houses

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Saint of Legend Seiros

Seiros is an ancient saint who is inseparable from the history of Fódlan! She’s also the founder of the Church of Seiros, which itself has guided the continent for centuries.
It’s said that the Church was founded after Seiros received a divine revelation from the goddess watching over Fódlan. The Adrestian Empire was later established to honor her presence in the area.
Some time later, war broke out in Fódlan when Nemesis, the King of Liberation, challenged Seiros. It was on the Tailtean Plains that Seiros battled and triumphed over Nemesis.
Seiros was a saint, pure of heart and loving toward her people, but she was also an accomplished warrior. And now, she’s lending her incredible powers to the Order of Heroes! With her on our side, there’s no way we can lose!

Closely Associated Characters


A king who faced Seiros in mortal combat long ago, commanding the Ten Elites and wielding the Sword of the Creator.