Sinister Servant


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Fire Emblem: Three Houses

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Sinister Servant Hubert

Hubert is the heir to Marquis Vestra, the Minister of the Imperial Household of the Adrestian Empire. For those not familiar with Adrestian politics: he’s kind of a big deal.
Like Edelgard, Hubert studies at the Officers Academy of Garreg Mach Monastery. He’s an outstanding student known for his keen intellect—you might say he’s clinical and calculating.
That isn’t to say he’s indifferent, though! In fact, Hubert has sworn his absolute loyalty to Edelgard, and he believes from the bottom of his heart that she alone can lead the Empire into the future.
He doesn’t mind that some people might think him cold—as far as he’s concerned, he lives only to serve Edelgard. I wonder where his devotion will take him?

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The heir apparent of the Adrestian Empire. She’s dignified, refined, and self-confident—traits that mask her raw ambition. Hubert has sworn his undying loyalty to her.