Child Prodigy


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Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Child Prodigy Lysithea

Lysithea is the youngest member of the Golden Deer, an Officers Academy house made up of students from the Leicester Alliance. She’s the heir of House Ordelia, and bears the Crest of Charon, one of the 10 Elites of ancient Fódlan. At the Officers Academy, she’s a high-scoring model student and a hard worker.
Lysithea has an outstanding natural prowess for magic. In fact, she uses dark magic, one of the rarer schools of magic.
One thing that really gets under her skin is being treated like a child. This makes her love for sweet foods and cute things kind of an embarrassing problem for her!
She’s got another secret as well—something that troubles her and she finds hard to open up about. I wonder what it could be? I wish I could do something to help…

Closely Associated Characters


Heir to House Riegan, the leading house of the Leicester Alliance. Employs both an easygoing attitude and an effortless skill for scheming. He’s the leader of the Golden Deer, the Officers Academy house Lysithea belongs to.