Special Hero

Tea Sweetener


Appears in

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Tea Sweetener Lysithea

The Golden Deer’s own Lysithea has come to join our tea party! She’s wearing some special servant’s attire to help us out on the hospitality side of things by playing the role of a waitress.
Some of her hair is also neatly woven into braids tied with adorable ribbons. I hear Mercedes helped her out with that!
Lysithea just loves sweet things, and it looks like her basket’s filled with baked treats. I suppose those must be for the guests at the tea party!
Uh-oh, looks like she can’t resist taking a bite out of them herself! Try to hold yourself back until break time, Lysithea—then we’ll devour them together!

Closely Associated Characters


Heir to House Riegan, the leading house of the Leicester Alliance. Employs both an easygoing attitude and an effortless skill for scheming. He’s the leader of the Golden Deer, the Officers Academy house Lysithea belongs to.