Duo Hero

Heartbeats United


Appears in

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Heartbeats United Shamir

The Church of Seiros’s veteran duo, Shamir and Catherine, are ready for the beach—and here they are in their gorgeous new swimsuits!
Shamir’s favoring a sporty one-piece swimsuit, and the bow she’s carrying takes inspiration from the beach too, with seashells and sea glass decorations!
Catherine’s wearing a fiery two-piece swimsuit. She’s like a glorious ray of sunlight as she carries the banner for the Knights of Seiros on the beach!
Those refreshing drinks they’re carrying were also made to match the colors the two are associated with—a cute detail that hints at their friendship and sometimes rivalry!

Closely Associated Characters


The Archbishop of the Church of Seiros, which is served by Shamir and Catherine.