Gleaming Blade


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Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Gleaming Blade Kronya

Kronya is a truly mysterious Hero who belongs to an equally shadowy organization. I’m a little short on details, but it says here that she’s been called one of…”those who slither in the dark?”
Kronya entered the Officers Academy in Fódlan under the guise of a student, and carries out her covert activities while posing as one of the academy’s young hopefuls—or so I hear, anyway. But if the rumors are true, what could she be after?
Despite her shadowy nature, she gets a lot of attention for her strikingly pale appearance and her expressive eyes. For a secret agent, she really does stand out a lot!
I’ve also heard rumors that she likes to see people squirm—so if she joins the Order of Heroes, I hope she’ll consider using her talents in a more positive way!

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Kronya remains shrouded in mystery.