Mythic Hero

Cycle Keeper


Appears in

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Cycle Keeper Arval

Arval is one of the most mysterious Heroes I’ve encountered so far! As far as I know, they were summoned here from Fódlan, but I can’t tell you much else… Just who are they, really?
It seems they appeared in Fódlan in Imperial Year 1179…and that was within the mind of Shez, who had sustained grievous wounds in a battle with another mercenary.
Arval granted Shez new power, and together they plunged into the conflict brewing in Fódlan. With Arval’s strength and wisdom, Shez managed to make it through all kinds of perilous situations.
As nervous as I might be about Arval’s true identity and goals, it seems they can’t remember much either! If they ever do get their memories back, I hope they can clue me in!

Closely Associated Characters


A mercenary who wandered Fódlan. Though ordinarily rational, a burning desire sleeps within them.