Dragon Youth


Appears in

Fire Emblem Engage

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Dragon Youth Alear

This is Alear, a Hero from the continent of Elyos! Apparently, he’s a Divine Dragon!
Alear slept for a thousand years on a floating island called the Somniel. When he awoke, he couldn’t remember a thing, save for his name.
What’s more, he has a special power: he can call upon Emblems, Heroes from other worlds contained within rings!
It’s not quite the same as Askran summoning, but when it comes to calling upon the power of other worlds, we’re birds of a feather! Let’s give it a shot… Emblem, Engage! Hee hee!

Closely Associated Characters


Divine Dragon Monarch, ruler of the holy land of Lythos. She is Alear’s mother and the hero who once saved all of Elyos.