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Awoken Divinity


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Fire Emblem Engage

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Awoken Divinity Alear

Having defeated Sombron, the Fell Dragon who plunged the continent of Elyos into war, Alear succumbed to her injuries and entered a long sleep.
She awoke a thousand years later—thanks to the self-sacrifice of her mother, Lumera. But Sombron had returned too, and he sent an assassin to take Lumera’s life!
To defeat Sombron once again, Alear set out across the continent to collect the rings that housed the Emblems, Heroes from other worlds. After gathering the twelve rings, and making many friends and allies, she gained power like never before.
She challenged Sombron, confronting him as the Divine Dragon and protector of Elyos. The sight of her fighting for the future, bathed in the Emblems’ glow, became legend throughout the ages!

Closely Associated Characters


Divine Dragon Monarch, ruler of the holy land of Lythos. She is Alear’s mother and the hero who once saved all of Elyos.