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Fire Emblem Engage

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Caring Noble Citrinne

Citrinne is a noble of Brodia, a kingdom in Elyos. She’s the niece of the king and serves as retainer to her cousin, Alcryst, the second prince.
Having been raised in a wealthy noble family, money is no object to Citrinne. She’s incredibly generous to her friends—excessively so at times, I hear!
But money isn’t Citrinne’s only asset. She’s also a talented mage and knows her way around the political arena too.
Citrinne brings all her many resources to bear in support of Prince Alcryst. I’m sure she’ll be a great asset to the Order of Heroes as well!

Closely Associated Characters


The second prince of Brodia. Lacks self-confidence, despite his royal status. Citrinne is his retainer.


A royal knight of Brodia. Possesses great strength and a wealth of knowledge on everyday life. Alcryst’s other retainer.