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Trick or Meat


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Fire Emblem Engage

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Trick or Meat Timerra

Timerra, the princess of Solm, has come all the way from Elyos to join us at the harvest festival! I’d call her the life of the party, if she weren’t dressed up as a ghost!
Timerra’s attire is always bright and colorful, and this ghost outfit is no exception! Just look at the colors around her collar and waist—I’ve never seen such a vibrant ghost!
It’s a well-known fact that Timerra is an expert with a lance. For this festival, she’s decorated her trusty weapon with big pieces of candy and balloons shaped like ghosts!
I hear she’s called the “racket of Solm” back home because of how much she loves to sing. I can’t wait to hear her festive melodies!

Closely Associated Characters


Successor to the Divine Dragon, awoken from a long sleep. Summons Emblems to lead the world to peace. Timerra’s friend.