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Masked Reveler


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Fire Emblem Heroes

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Masked Reveler Bruno

It’s the season for Askr’s winter festival! Bruno’s taking on the role of the Emblian Empire’s festival ambassador, helping to bring warmth to these days chilled by winter winds!
In addition to the mask that we all know so well, he’s also wearing a festive red-and-white costume, complete with a cute striped staff!
But that’s not all! That sack he’s carrying is packed full of presents for all the children who’ve been waiting impatiently for the big festival!
You know, this kind of makes me want to give Bruno a fun nickname… Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing him bring the winter festival to life!

Closely Associated Characters


Imperial princess of the Emblian Empire. She is seeking the whereabouts of her missing beloved brother, Bruno.