Brave Princess


Appears in

Fire Emblem Heroes

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Brave Princess Veronica

Veronica’s here to make an extra-special appearance! She’s the imperial princess of the Emblian Empire, a realm with a history as long as Askr’s.
She normally dresses light, but now that she’s on horseback, she’s wearing a suit of armor. It’s a different spin on her look that’s inspiring and adorable at the same time!
She’s also carrying a special staff that only she can use: Hliðskjálf, which has the power to embolden her allies and plunge her foes into despair!
Veronica’s on a journey to search for her missing brother, Bruno. We’re worried about him too, so I hope she doesn’t mind if we help look for him!

Closely Associated Characters


Veronica’s older brother and a prince of Embla. He works on his own to aid Veronica however he can.


The eldest prince of Nohr. Though he was originally bound to Veronica by a contract, he continued to aid her even once freed from the contract.