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Princess Rising


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Fire Emblem Heroes

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Princess Rising Veronica

Embla has possessed the heirs to her bloodline as part of her plot against the lives of the Askran royal family. Veronica, imperial princess of the Emblian Empire, was also bound by Embla’s curse, and saw the Kingdom of Askr as her enemy.
With Embla in full control of her body, Veronica turned against me and Alfonse, though she fought against the curse with all her might.
But the World-Key of Yggdrasill set Veronica free of both Embla’s control and her hatred for Askr! Since then, she’s been using her powers to guide the Emblian Empire to peace.
Now that she’s back to her old self again, I hope she’ll stand with us once more and bridge the gap between the Emblian Empire and the Kingdom of Askr!

Closely Associated Characters


God of the closed kingdom, which shares her name. Spite and jealousy rule her, and she wishes death to any who side with Askr.