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Beaming Smile


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Fire Emblem Heroes

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Beaming Smile Gunnthrá

Gunnthrá, the eldest of the sisters from Nifl, has come to join our summer vacation! She’s taking advantage of this rare opportunity to wear her swimsuit!
I’m surprised she even had one ready. I mean, isn’t it kind of cold in Nifl? She must have really been looking forward to this!
Even in her swimsuit, Gunnthrá looks as regal and sophisticated as ever. How does she do it?
Anyway, like I was saying, she’s probably never had the opportunity to hit the beach before…seeing as Nifl’s covered in ice. We can’t miss this chance to show her some fun in the sun!

Closely Associated Characters


The first prince of Nifl. He has a cool disposition, and is always watchful for danger.


The second-eldest princess of Nifl. Ordinarily a gentle girl, she has sworn vengeance on her nemesis, Surtr.


The youngest of the three princesses of Nifl. She’s brimming with childlike curiosity and loves to see new places.