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Ruler of Nihility


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Ruler of Nihility Ginnungagap

Ginnungagap is the ruler of the realm of nothingness that shares her name, and she represents the opposition of dreams.
It seems like she has no emotions at all—her expression never changes, no matter the situation, and one could even mistake her for a machine…
She only has one goal: to steal people’s dreams and transform them into a world as cold and lifeless as steel. And her first target was Dökkálfheimr, the realm of nightmares.
Ginnungagap took control over Eitr, and now she’s using her to make an attempt on the life of Freyja, the dökkálfr queen. But there’s no way her wicked schemes will ever succeed…right?

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Queen of Dökkálfheimr, realm of nightmares. Loves her older brother Freyr dearly, raging with bitter jealousy at his care for lesser mortal creatures. Ginnungagap means to take her life.


Unquestioning servant of the ruler of nothingness, she lacks the confidence to express her own will.