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Let Sharena Introduce You!

Earnest Greetings Ash

Ash is the retainer to Askr, the Divine Dragon who created our kingdom. She aided us in the battle against Embla, and now, she’s come to celebrate the New Year with us!
That gorgeous white kimono and headdress look absolutely fantastic on her. She’s also carrying a hagoita with a cow design. I love how personalized it is!
By the way, Ash’s kimono has a special customization—it’s got a hole for her tail, just like Askr’s New Year outfit!
Well, Ash, we’ve got plenty of special food to celebrate the New Year with, and we’d love to have you join our celebrations—just be careful you don’t eat too much and sleep through the party!

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God of the opened kingdom, which shares his name. Cheerful and benevolent, he concerns himself with the changes in Embla’s heart. He sends his retainer Ash to save the people of Midgard.