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Innocent Goddess


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Innocent Goddess Heiðr

Heiðr is a goddess of Vanaheimr, the realm of light. She’s very thoughtful and truly looks up to Seiðr like an older sister, nicknaming her Seið.
Tragically, Heiðr was cursed by Gullveig, the Golden Seer, and now the hex is eating away at her body!
And it sounds like the only way to break the curse is to use the power of the Ár—which was stolen from Njörðr, Vanaheimr’s king, by his sister Nerþuz…
Seiðr set out on a journey to reclaim the power of the Ár, and Heiðr ended up following… But it will be fine! The day will come when that curse is lifted!

Closely Associated Characters


Goddess of Vanaheimr, the realm of light. Descends upon the land to save the people from destruction. Always acts with propriety. Treats Heiðr with the love she would show a little sister.


A seer who, in the future, has already driven the world to the brink of destruction. Can alter time and bend the future to her whims. Taints Heiðr with the curse of the Golden Seer.


King of Vanaheimr, realm of light. Liege of Heiðr and Seiðr.