Dragon Scion


Appears in

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Dragon Scion Tiki

Here’s Tiki, who came from the continent of Archanea! She’s a manakete who can transform into a dragon, but she’s also the princess of the Divine Dragons and wields exceptional power to back it up!
Tiki slumbered in the Ice Dragon Temple for over a thousand years. She was finally freed when her caretaker, Bantu, took pity on her and accompanied her on a journey outside.
But one day, Tiki was separated from Bantu. She went through a lot, but fortunately help was at hand—in the form of Marth, prince of Altea!
Tiki quickly took a shine to Marth, who she called “Mar-Mar,” and decided to use her Divine Dragon powers to help him. She’s still fighting her hardest to make Mar-Mar’s wishes come true!

Closely Associated Characters


A manakete of the Fire Dragon clan, and Tiki’s guardian. He released Tiki from the Ice Dragon Temple, where she had been kept hidden away.


Prince of Altea who fights for his homeland and deeply values his friends. Saved Tiki’s life.