Sniper in the Dark


Appears in

Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Sniper in the Dark Clarisse

Clarisse is a sniper who belongs to a group of assassins stalking the continent of Archanea. She and her ally, Legion, have worked together on a number of missions.
Orphaned as a child, Clarisse was taken in by the group’s leader, Eremiya, who trained her to be an assassin.
Clarisse idolizes Eremiya for having raised her. Whatever her adoptive mother demands, she’ll do it—no matter how cruel she has to be.
Apparently, there was someone at the orphanage who Clarisse considered her older sister. They must have been close… I wonder what kind of person she was?

Closely Associated Characters


A bishop in service of Gharnef, and leader of a group of assassins that includes Clarisse. Formerly a kind-hearted caretaker of war orphans.


Reserved and harboring a dark secret, this trainee tactician depends on others. Treats Clarisse like a younger sister.


Member of the same mysterious group of assassins as Clarisse. Wears an odd mask, as do his many “brothers.”