Skillful Survivor


Appears in

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Skillful Survivor Boey

Boey’s a mage from the Novis Priory. No matter how tough the situation, he never loses his cool! Or at least, he doesn’t lose his cool in most situations!
When Celica set off on a journey to discover the cause of the calamities sweeping Valentia, Boey left the priory with her.
Boey comes from an impoverished background, giving him quite a down-to-earth personality that makes him a reliable ally. That said, he struggles to remain calm when it comes to dealing with monsters…
Over the course of his journeys, Boey quickly became close to Mae, who came from the same priory, while fending off more than a few good-natured jabs about his fear of monsters. Personally, I’d love to see how close their relationship gets!

Closely Associated Characters


The princess of Zofia; trained as a priestess. Caring toward others, and dislikes fighting. Bears the Brand on her right hand. She travels to the Temple of Mila with Boey and Mae.


A mage from Novis and a dear friend of Celica. Always cheerful and energetic, but she has a tendency to get carried away. She often pokes fun at Boey for his fear of monsters.


A meek young cleric from Novis. Likes to write her own stories. She belongs to the same priory as Boey.