Wandering Blade


Appears in

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Wandering Blade Kamui

Today I’ll introduce you to Kamui, a mercenary who’s active in Valentia! He has a rather detached disposition, but underneath the aloof exterior is a passionate Hero who’s dedicated to his ideals.
A wanderer, Kamui met the former knight Valbar in the kingdom of Zofia. Valbar had lost his family to a pirate attack and was looking for an opportunity to avenge them.
He leapt upon the chance to hire Kamui, and together they launched an attack on the pirates’ stronghold with only a few allies to help. But fortunately, they encountered Celica’s army, and together they fought side by side to rout the pirates!
After the battle, Kamui followed his client Valbar into Celica’s service. And so, Kamui continues to fight, his journeys taking him wherever the wind blows!

Closely Associated Characters


A knight from Zofia who accompanies Celica after she rescues him. Hires Kamui to assault the pirates’ island stronghold.


A handsome but narcissistic Zofian archer. Adores his friend Valbar. Joins Valbar and Kamui in the attack on the pirates’ stronghold.