Special Hero

Reminiscent Belle


Appears in

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Reminiscent Belle Rinea

Rinea is a noblewoman of the Rigelian Empire. She’s quite reserved, but she’s a very thoughtful and caring person!
After being invited to the royal ball, Rinea was discovered by Berkut, the emperor’s nephew, who promptly asked for her hand in marriage. I hear in some worlds, they call this a Cinderella story? (This Cinderella lady must be quite a formidable Hero!)
Rinea’s crisp blue dress is just perfect for the ball. She’s decorated her hair with some of her favorite flowers, too!
On days when the weather’s nice, Rinea likes to go to the woods behind the manor and dance among the flowers, surrounded by birdsong. I’m sure she’ll never forget the happy memories she made with Berkut.

Closely Associated Characters


First in line to the Rigelian throne. Prideful, but loves Rinea with all his heart.