Special Hero

Orgahil Pirate


Appears in

Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Orgahil Pirate Brigid

Ahoy there! A real pirate has made landfall at the pirate festival in Askr! Say hello to Brigid, the leader of the Orgahil pirates who steal from the rich and give to the poor!
Brigid forbade her crew from attacking villages, and the local inhabitants grew to trust her because of this. However, there were some among her crew who took issue with this policy…
Brigid was raised by pirates from a young age, but she’s actually a descendent of one of the 12 crusaders! I wonder if her crusader bloodline will allow her to wield her house’s sacred bow.
Brigid eventually regained memories of her childhood after reuniting with her sister, but that’s a story for after the pirate festival. With a real pirate like Brigid on board, this is going to be a festival to remember!

Closely Associated Characters


Heir to Chalphy, descendant of the crusader Baldr, and Seliph’s father. He’s courageous and has a strong sense of justice. He rescues Brigid after she is betrayed by her crew.