Mercenary Waif


Appears in

Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Mercenary Waif Febail

This is Febail, a bow-wielding Hero from Jugdral! He’s not just any archer, though—he’s a descendant of the crusader Ullr and inheritor of the holy bow Yewfelle!
Febail and his sister Patty were brought up together as orphans. As an adult, Febail became a mercenary to provide for other impoverished children who had lost their parents.
Eventually, Febail was hired by the Kingdom of Northern Thracia. He wasn’t keen on siding with the oppressors, but his need for work gave him little choice.
Febail didn’t care for the job, but it was on the battlefield that he had a surprise reunion with Patty. That was when he realized justice meant more to him than money, and turned his bow against Northern Thracia!

Closely Associated Characters


A thief who targets imperials and ruffians alike, stealing for orphans she cares for. Her mother Brigid’s noble blood flows within her. Febail’s sister.


Gallant and determined, she was separated from her family as a child and raised by a pirate leader. Febail’s mother.