Special Hero

Scion of the Saint


Appears in

Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Scion of the Saint Julia

The 12 crusaders once saved the continent of Jugdral. Julia is descended from Saint Heim, one of their number, and she’s here to take part in the Day of the Twelve festival!
The outfit she’s wearing is based on the one worn by her ancestor, who once wielded the Book of Naga. She positively glows in that attire—almost as if she is surrounded by a warm, gentle light!
In fact, even the long shawl around her neck shines like a saint’s halo! Her outfit for the festival truly does bring out her ethereal charms.
Julia is more than worthy of being called the Crusader of Light. I can’t wait to see her shining brightly at the festival!

Closely Associated Characters


Inheritor of the sacred sword Tyrfing. A savior in his time, but dislikes battle. Julia’s half brother.


Prince of the Grannvale Empire. Was once a kind boy but suddenly came to have a cruel nature. Older brother of Julia.


Prince of Silesse. A descendant of Ced, one of the legendary 12 crusaders. He once looked after Julia when she lost her memory.