Gungnir’s Heir


Appears in

Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Gungnir’s Heir Arion

Long ago, the crusader Dáinn established the Kingdom of Thracia among the southern mountains of Jugdral’s Thracian Peninsula. Arion is the heir to that kingdom!
Following the example of his father, Travant, Arion grew up to become a valiant wyvern knight. But the two are different in one respect—where Travant is ruthless and calculating, Arion is kind and benevolent.
He also has a younger sister, Altena, who looks up to him. And Arion would do anything for her, too!
While Arion is extremely capable, he can sometimes be a little stubborn about his dedication to duty. Now that he’s in the Order of Heroes, I hope he can open up to us instead of keeping his worries all bottled up inside!

Closely Associated Characters


Daughter of Quan and Ethlyn, and inheritor of the Gáe Bolg. She was raised by her family’s enemy, Travant. As Arion’s adoptive sister, she looks up to him.


King of Thracia, and descendant of the crusader Dáinn. Eying the fertile land to his north, he hatches a plan to unite the entire peninsula. Arion’s father.