Special Hero

Lightning’s Rondo


Appears in

Fire Emblem: Thracia 776

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Lightning’s Rondo Reinhardt

Reinhardt is one of the generals of Friege’s army, and he’s also called the second coming of Thrud, one of the 12 crusaders. But now, he’s distinguishing himself in a new way by making a splash at the ball in his formal attire!
Look at that coat! Look at that cravat! Look at that…goblet? His entire outfit is hitting that “sophisticated, mature gentleman” note perfectly!
Reinhardt’s renowned as a spectacular mage, but his dancing is just as incredible. His agile steps come quickly and powerfully, like bolts of lightning!
Also attending the ball is Ishtar, to whom Reinhardt has sworn his loyalty. I bet that when those two start dancing, no one will be able to tear their eyes away!

Closely Associated Characters


The heir to Mjölnir, she carries the blood of the royal family of Friege. The descent of her love, Julius, into the darkness troubles her. She trusts Reinhardt and keeps him in her confidence.