Bishop of Flame


Appears in

Fire Emblem: Thracia 776

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Bishop of Flame Saias

Saias is a priest of Velthomer, the house that produced the first Emperor of Grannvale. There’s a little secret to Saias’s background, though.
He carries the brand of Fjalar, one of the 12 crusaders who saved Jugdral from the Dark God Loptous! Talk about hiding your light under a bushel.
Saias kept his heritage secret while serving in the Grannvale Empire as one of its greatest tacticians. But when he met Leif, who was fighting for the future of the continent, his life changed completely.
Saias is a mild-mannered soul with a devout faith in Bragi. I’d like to see his famous tactical prowess at work for the Order of Heroes one day!

Closely Associated Characters


Duke of Velthomer, and descendant of the crusader Fjalar and Maera of the imperial family. Like Saias, he bears the brand of Fjalar.


Confidante of Arvis. She sacrifices herself to protect her son Saias from Manfroy, the leader of the Loptr Church.