Special Hero

Beachside Bloom


Appears in

Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Beachside Bloom Lilina

Lilina is a kind, friendly young girl who was raised by her doting father—Hector, the Marquess of Ostia. (He didn’t spoil her rotten, but he tried.)
Lilina has a natural gift for magic, which she uses to support Roy and her other friends. Right now, though, she’s spreading the good vibes by joining the summer vacation!
Red is Lilina’s trademark color, so naturally she’s wearing a red swimsuit for the beach. The floral wrap that she’s wearing really suits her, and so do the flowers in her hair!
With that outfit, Lilina’s even cuter than ever…which to be honest, I didn’t realize was even possible. I hope the others don’t feel too left out when she draws a crowd!

Closely Associated Characters


Eliwood’s friend and the Marquess of Ostia. Prefers action to court formality. Lilina’s father.


The son of Eliwood, Marquess of Pherae and talented leader of its army. A childhood friend and sworn ally of Lilina’s.