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Avowed Groom


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Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Avowed Groom Zelot

Here’s Zelot, the lord of the castle in Edessa, dressed up in his stylish groom’s outfit! He’s the leader of Ilian mercenaries, and his work takes him all over Elibe.
Zelot is a stern and serious man, and his groom’s outfit is very formal as well. But I see that he couldn’t resist sneaking in a little of Juno’s favorite color! That purple flower on his cravat is a sign of how much love there is under that rugged surface.
Meanwhile, the candelabrum he’s carrying is decorated with blue flowers, reminiscent of the Ilian winter. Their proud blossoms flourish despite the cold, and I think they really add to his sophisticated look.
Zelot and Juno are already known to be the picture of wedded bliss, but I think this festival will see them falling in love all over again. Not even the merciless snows of Ilia can put a damper on the flames of their love for each other!

Closely Associated Characters


A retired pegasus knight and older sister of Thea and Shanna. Joining the bridal festival alongside her husband, Zelot.