Special Hero

Soaring Bride


Appears in

Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Soaring Bride Juno

Here’s Juno, pegasus knight of Ilia, making a special appearance in her glamorous bridal outfit! She also happens to be married to Zelot, the lord of Edessa Castle.
Juno’s wearing light, elegant fabrics that tastefully complement her mature charms. I’m a big fan of the floral tie she’s using to hold her hair back!
She’s also carrying a bouquet of flowers with a cool color scheme that calls to mind the snowy, cold climate of her Ilian homeland. Aren’t they lovely?
Juno’s bridal outfit beautifully conveys her gentle, kindhearted allure. I’m sure Zelot will fall in love with her all over again when he sees her!

Closely Associated Characters


Captain of Ilian mercenaries, who rely on battle to earn their living. He is attending the bridal festival alongside his wife, Juno.


A pegasus-knight trainee from Ilia. Cheerfully participating in the bridal festival. Juno’s younger sister.


The second of three sisters who are pegasus knights of Ilia. She is talented and sincere, but she can be lacking in flexibility. Juno’s younger sister.