Ascended Hero



Appears in

Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Swordmaiden Fir

Fir wanders the continent of Elibe, training herself in the art of the sword. Now, her exceptional skills with a blade have cleared open a new horizon for her: to stand as an Ascended Hero!
And what’s an upgrade without a new look? Her white garment was inspired by her mother, Karla the Sword Vassal, and her blue garment was inspired by her uncle, Karel the Saint of Swords!
You can rest assured that the blade she wears on her waist will live up to the legacy of the Saint of Swords in her hands!
Fir’s father, Bartre, wept with joy when he saw what an accomplished swordmaster she’d become. But Fir isn’t one to rest on her laurels—to her, there’s always more to learn!

Closely Associated Characters


An outpost warrior who went on a journey to find his beloved daughter, Fir.


A member of the Ilian mercenaries ordered by General Zelot to join Pherae’s army. Met Fir at an arena, where he trained her in the art of combat.