Brave Lady


Appears in

Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Brave Lady Lyn

Lyn is a young noblewoman of House Caelin, a member of the Lycian League in Elibe. She’s dropping by Askr as a nomad of the plains, though, since she was born and raised in Sacae!
Lyn is both a talented swordswoman and an expert rider. I suppose that, as a nomad, she must have spent a lot of time around horses!
The nomads are fantastic archers, too! Lyn looks like a true Hero wielding the legendary weapon Mulagir. I imagine she learned a lot from her father, who was leader of her tribe!
Lyn can hit a bull’s-eye even while astride a galloping horse. I wonder if I’ll ever be that good at archery…or horseback riding…or both!

Closely Associated Characters


A sincere noble of Pherae. His friends Lyn and Hector serve him loyally.


Sworn ally of Eliwood and Lyn, and brother of the Marquess of Ostia. Prefers action to court formality.


Youngest of three sisters who are Pegasus Knights of Ilia. Shy, gentle girl who loves animals. Lyn’s friend.