Wandering Knight


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Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade

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Wandering Knight Heath

Heath is a mercenary from Bern, a land known for its mighty Wyvern Riders. In fact, he was a Wyvern Rider once himself, and belonged to a unit led by Vaida.
Vaida and Heath were loyal to Bern, but they were forced to flee the army when they were falsely accused of treason by its corrupt leaders.
After making his escape, Heath found work as a mercenary, but he never abandoned his pride. After parting ways with a band of mercenaries that preyed on the weak, he joined up with Eliwood’s army.
Though he had been stripped of his knighthood, Heath always fought with an unshakeable sense of justice. He’s the kind of Hero that shows you what a true knight is!

Closely Associated Characters


A former Wyvern Rider of Bern. After being accused of starting a false rebellion, she flees the army, taking the rest of her unit with her. She was once Heath’s commander.