Special Hero

Defrosted Illian


Appears in

Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Defrosted Illian Fiora

Fiora serves with Ilia’s Pegasus Knights, and she and her sisters Farina and Florina are well-known in the kingdom as three pegasus-riding sisters!
Fiora is the oldest of the three, and they say she can be a bit…straitlaced. But now it’s summer, and she’s letting her hair down with her new swimsuit outfit!
Fiora’s wearing a neat and pretty swimsuit with frills. She’s not carrying her trusty spear this time—instead, she’s completing the look with a parasol!
For Heroes from snowy countries like her, spending some time in the blazing summer sun has to be a truly special experience. I hope Fiora has a summer to remember!

Closely Associated Characters


Youngest of three sisters who are Pegasus Knights of Ilia. A shy, gentle girl who loves animals.


Pent is the head of House Reglay of Etruria, and he’s also the Mage General of the kingdom’s army. He orders Fiora to investigate the Dread Isle, which was enshrouded by mist and thick forests.