Pledged Restorer


Appears in

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Pledged Restorer Eirika

Eirika, Princess of Renais is here, and she’s looking bolder and braver than ever! She’s making an appearance in a new outfit based on the one worn by her brother, Ephraim.
Normally Eirika leaves her hair down, but now she’s wearing it up to match her change in attire. I think the new look is working for her!
The weapon she’s carrying is Ephraim’s trusty lance, Reginleif. Eirika’s typically seen with a sword, but she wields this weapon with the same deftness as her brother!
Eirika’s a kind princess who is loved by all. If this change of outfit lends her some of her brother’s daring nature, she’ll be absolutely unstoppable!

Closely Associated Characters


Prince of Renais. Eirika’s twin. Cares deeply for his sister. His confidence has sometimes put him in danger.