Tiger Eye


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Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Tiger Eye Caellach

Caellach, the Tiger Eye of Grado, is one of Grado’s six generals and a battle-hardened warrior who’s lived a life of combat. In fact, he started out as a mercenary and fought his way to the top!
During his mercenary days, Caellach fought alongside Joshua. His axe and Joshua’s sword were a deadly pair.
Since then, Caellach has become a leading figure in Grado, but he has even greater ambitions beyond his standing among the six generals. He wants to be the ruler of his own land—a king!
Ever a man with lofty ambitions, Caellach continues to fight for his dreams. I hope all his hard work pays off in the end!

Closely Associated Characters


A mercenary who loves to gamble. He has an evasive, almost aggravating personality. He and Caellach were once allies.