Crimson Flash


Appears in

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Crimson Flash Marisa

Today I’ll be introducing you to Marisa, a member of Gerik’s Mercenaries. She’s a master swordswoman they call the Crimson Flash!
Marisa comes from Jehanna. Her father was apparently a harsh instructor in the ways of swordsmanship, and when she joined Gerik’s Mercenaries, she quickly became essential to the team.
She doesn’t talk much, and she might come across as blunt and aloof at times, but I hear she’s got a big crush on someone! I wonder who it is?
Marisa might be an intimidating fighter who never lets her guard down, but she’s a softy on the inside. I hope her crush can keep up with her, whoever they are!

Closely Associated Characters


A veteran soldier who leads his own mercenary band, Gerik’s Mercenaries. He’s the commander of Tethys, Ewan, Marisa, and others.


A member of Gerik’s Mercenaries who is a talented and charming dancer. Together with her dear brother, Ewan, she strives to survive a life torn apart by war.