Special Hero

Steadfast Bride


Appears in

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Steadfast Bride Sigrun

Sigrun is the commander of the Holy Guard of Begnion, but now she’s taking charge of the bridal festival with her fabulous outfit!
This is actually a custom-made outfit sewn specially for the festivities. They did a great job of nailing her look, didn’t they?
She’s always served as Apostle Sanaki’s right hand, but now she’s taking the starring role in style!
Sigrun is a loyal knight who has supported Sanaki through thick and thin. If she really got married, imagine what a pillar of strength she’d be for her lucky partner!

Closely Associated Characters


The empress of Begnion and an Apostle who can hear the voice of the Goddess. She inherited the throne from her grandmother, Misaha, at the very young age of 5.


Sigrun’s former comrade of many years. He now serves as a Dragonmaster in the Daein army. He’s a little spoiled by his obvious talents and tends to slack off a little.