Mad King


Appears in

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Mad King Ashnard

The Kingdom of Daein is the most powerful military state in all of Tellius. Ashnard is its thirteenth king, and he’s a brave and mighty leader who is said to have been a match for an entire troop of pegasus knights!
The sight of Ashnard riding his black wyvern, his sword Gurgurant in hand, is enough to strike fear in the hearts of all who oppose him. But there’s something even more terrifying about him…
That something is the wicked power contained in the medallion he carries! Normally, it imbues people with supernatural strength, driving them berserk, but Ashnard’s willpower is so strong that he can control it!
Ashnard was a powerhouse even without the medallion’s strength, but now he’s practically unstoppable. Is there anyone in this world who could possibly defeat him?

Closely Associated Characters

Black Knight

One of Daein’s Four Riders. An enigmatic knight encased in pitch-black armor. Serves Ashnard.