Ascended Hero

Devoted Queen


Appears in

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Devoted Queen Elincia

Now the queen of Crimea, Elincia is a kind ruler who loves her people and is dedicated to peace. Having risen to the throne, her true strength has blossomed, and she joins the ranks of the Ascended Heroes! So, what new powers did she acquire—and what about her new outfit?!
Hmm… There’s something familiar about this flower-like dress. Oh, I see! It’s based on the Crimean national emblem!
And instead of the royal blade Amiti, she’s equipped with a healer’s staff that features a truly divine design. It really speaks to her merciful spirit and desire to save as many of her allies as possible!
Elincia has shown us true regal dignity and elegance—and her Crimean-themed dress hints at the radiant future that awaits her kingdom!

Closely Associated Characters


Paladin leader of the Royal Knights of Crimea. His loyalty for his homeland and Queen Elincia knows no bounds.


Daughter of Count Delbray and master of the blade. She supports Elincia, sharing a bond stronger than that of most siblings.


Deputy prime minister of Crimea and trusted ally of the new queen. During the war, he visited many countries to engage them in diplomacy. Supports Elincia with his wits and wisdom.