Realm’s Protector


Appears in

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

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Realm’s Protector Geoffrey

Geoffrey is the commander of the Royal Knights of Crimea, a kingdom of the continent of Tellius. He’s a close childhood friend of Elincia, as well as one of her closest advisers.
Crimea was once subjugated by the kingdom of Daein, and Geoffrey protected Elincia during their flight from the royal castle. Afterward, he took shelter at his family home of Castle Delbray, where he continued to fight the Daein army.
Eventually, Daein was defeated and Crimea was restored, with Elincia as its new queen. Geoffrey, together with his sister, Lucia, continued to support Elincia in whatever way he could.
Geoffrey’s heart and soul are dedicated to his queen. And so, he continues to fight to protect Elincia and her future!

Closely Associated Characters


Having overcome many hardships, she leads Crimea backed by her conviction and the affection of her people. Geoffrey’s liege and childhood friend.


Daughter of Count Delbray and master of the blade. She supports Elincia, sharing a bond stronger than that of most siblings. Geoffrey’s older sister.