Special Hero

Harvest Goldoan


Appears in

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Harvest Goldoan Dheginsea

The King of Goldoa, the dragon tribe kingdom, has come to the harvest festival! Here’s Dheginsea, wearing a fearsome black cape!
Goldoa normally refuses any outside contact, but Dheginsea has made a break with tradition by dressing up as a vampire from distant lands! He certainly does look like a creature of the night!
I see some very draconic-looking designs on the shoulders and waist of his outfit, and the sharp points on his cape make it look like a pair of dragon wings!
Even while dressed in unusual garb, that’s unmistakably him. Congratulations, Dheginsea—I hereby crown you the harvest festival’s Fashion King!

Closely Associated Characters


A dragon laguz from Goldoa. She is considering the best approach to take in order to liven up harvest festivities. She is the fiancée of Dheginsea’s son, Rajaion.