Masked Rider


Appears in

Fire Emblem Awakening

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Masked Rider Gerome

Here’s Gerome, who came to the Halidom of Ylisse from the future. Although the mask he wears hides their resemblance, he’s a wyvern rider just like his mother, Cherche!
Gerome came to the present time of Ylisse to take Minerva back home to the Wyvern Valley. Minerva was Cherche’s wyvern companion, before she passed away in the future Gerome came from…
Apparently, Gerome started wearing masks when he was a young boy because he thought it looked cool, and the habit stayed with him. What’s more, I hear that the mask that Lucina wore when she traveled back to the present was given to her by Gerome!
Despite coming from a future world, Gerome still keeps his distance even after being reunited with his parents. I wonder if there’s a reason why he’s so prickly?

Closely Associated Characters


Wyvern-riding fighter in Virion’s noble house. Thinks her wyvern Minerva is adorable. Gerome’s mother.