Special Hero

Bitter Blossom


Appears in

Fire Emblem Awakening

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Bitter Blossom Severa

Severa is coming to the spring festival! She’s the daughter of Cordelia, the perfectionist pegasus knight, and she came to Ylisse from the future. Try not to compare her to her mom though, OK? She hates that!
Her trademark pigtails really suit those bunny ears she’s sporting. She’s managed to make her spring festival outfit look both cute and stylish at the same time!
If there’s one item that’s totally iconic for the spring festival, it’s eggs. That oversized egg Severa’s carrying is actually a magical catalyst that’s capable of firing off spells!
Anyway, Severa has a tendency toward being short with people, so I hope she can take this opportunity to play nice with everyone!

Closely Associated Characters


The sole survivor of Ylisse’s pegasus knights. Humble and supremely talented. Severa’s mother.