Dream Princess


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Fire Emblem Fates

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Dream Princess Corrin

Oh, here’s Corrin! …Wait, is it? She doesn’t seem quite as lively as usual. And what’s with her clothes?
Well, it turns out that this Corrin came from another world to appear in the young Azura’s dreams! It seems she caught wind of Azura’s worries about her origins and her position in Nohr, and rushed to her defense.
Instead of wearing her usual armor, this Corrin’s wearing pristine white robes. Perhaps this is a reflection of how Azura sees her?
Corrin appeared in Azura’s dreams to find a way to help her. I’m sure her wish to ease her worries will reach her!

Closely Associated Characters


The daughter of Arete, queen of Nohr. She is treated badly by the denizens of the castle, and her heart is touched by darkness. She befriends Corrin in her dreams, treating her as a close confidante.