Silent Bloodline


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Fire Emblem Fates

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Silent Bloodline Corrin

I never miss an outfit change, and this time’s no exception! Here’s Corrin, wearing the regal attire of the queens of Valla—her true home!
Having fought her way through battle after battle, Corrin grew determined to use the power of Valla within her to protect her friends. I guess this outfit is a symbol of her resolve!
And what an outfit it is—it’d look perfect on any rightful queen of Valla! Her cape features a feathered wing-like design, while the royal crest adorns her back and the brooch that fastens the cape.
Corrin swore to confront and master her power in order to protect her friends. I’m sure a wonderful future awaits her and her allies both!

Closely Associated Characters


An enchanting princess raised in Hoshido who sings in battle to help Corrin and her allies.